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Hey. I don't know very much about this community. It seems really cool, but are there any rules? I can post a few pictures of myself, but none of them are really good.

Well ok that's a lot of pictures but yeah. If someone tells me what to do, then I'd be more than happy to do it! If ya hate me or if I totally screwed up this community somehow, just delete the post and I'll go away. Anyway, thanks for your time! <3
..::application::.. (is this the correct one?)
Where you live-chicago, illinois
10 best bands-A Perfect Circle, Twiztid, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Chevelle, Nirvava, Mudvayne, Lostprophets and Twisted Method.
5 worst bands-Does Avril Lavigne count as a band?, and what about eminem? i don;t really like him, Good Charlotte, Payable On Death -- P.O.D. (i used to really like them but i've seen them in 3 different concerts now-ozzfest, linkin park and something else... don't remember what it was), and... I don't know. Um... the Backstreet Boys.
Favorite Movies- The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite Books- I Was a Teenage Fairy
Favorite thing about your self- hmm. my personality.
Least Favorite thing about your self- ew my face.
Why should we accept you?- because I think it would be soo cool to be in this comunity and I would help to promote it if you would like.
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